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Wags N Wisdom Dog Training

Dog Trainer-Group Class, Private In-Home Lessons and the sport of Treibball


Private Lessons


Get individualized training that fits both your schedule and your needs. Our most popular requests for training include how to stop my dog from jumping, house manners, waiting at the door, coming when called, and walking nicely on a leash.

Group Classes


Please see "Classes" Tab for a complete list of classes with all the details.

Day Training


A great solution for your busy schedule or if you are looking for a less "hands on" solution to your training needs.  

Skills can include: Learning sits, down, stay, loose leash walking, coming when called, sit and wait at the door, drop their toy. We also offer short "field trips" (for dogs under 6 months of age).
85/hour (or see below packaged rates)

Private Training Package Rates


3 Lessons = $255

$30 Savings

5 Lessons = $425

$50 Savings

10 Lessons = $850

$100 Savings

Dog Walking


15 Minute     15/per visit

30 Minute     25/per visit

45 Minute     30/per visit

(Additional dog 5/per visit) 

Day Training Package Rates


300/one week

3 Sessions with your dog

1 Transfer session with the owner (total of 4 sessions)

e-mail and phone support

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